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Security for Windows Guys

P.J. and I discussing some of the confounding requests we get from windows admins as we try to protect them from themselves:

"Yeah, it’s like, ‘I want you to secure it, but I also want be able to do every stupid thing I can think of.’"

P.J Cabrera

 And there you have it in a nutshell the security problems with Microsoft users.

A Deist’s Dream

Is it better to come upon a flower and to believe it was created for me, or to see the flower, know its blossom, and rejoice for I was there to see it.

Music to Save the World

The big question is how are we going to share the world.  Music is one of the good ways of conversing, because if I know what you love and you know what I love then we actually start a different kind of conversation.

Cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, on an episode of NPR’s Performance Today


I am Ready

A few weeks ago, I was driving Laura’s family’s green Mercury Mystique back to her father’s office.  Laura’s brother Carlos was coming back into town, back from a year in Iraq, and I was leaving the car for him.  Something caught my eye in the compartment below the radio, that little shelf for nick-nacks.  It was his basic bio info card from MIT Sloan.  I looked it over, it had things like: Your undergraduate school, your major, jobs you’ve held, activities, sports, hobbies, languages etc.  Then I got to one in the middle, “Word that best describes you,” and Carlos had written “Ready.”  I smiled in agreement.  I let it rattle around in my brain, bounce off the corners, clanging and jangling and knocking about.

How few of us are ready – really ready for anything, let alone a year in Iraq.  Let’s not put the bar too high, though, shall we?  Ready is a state, not of flaccid inactivity, like a garden hose waiting to be filled with water.  Ready does not imply inactivity, waitfullness, standby status, or lack of will.  Mohammad Ali said it best,

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Bruce Lee had a similar mantra:

“Do not be tense, just be ready, not thinking but not dreaming, not being set but being flexible. It is being “wholly” and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.”

Let your state of inaction be one guided by the possibility of movement in any direction.  When the time for action comes, let it be swift, precise and guided by knowledge, training, wisdom, and purpose.

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season

I’m not gonna let Fox News ruin the holiday season by forcing me to call it all Christmas.  Here in Puerto Rico, Three Kings Day is at least as big as Christmas – so there!  All my life this Holiday Season thing has been a wonderful time.  From Thanksgiving to my birthday on Super Bowl Sunday… it’s all good, and most if it ain’t Christmas.  I love the whole season of cheer, good food, new beginnings, and old friends.


I will say Merry Christmas when I feel like it.  I will not be made to feel like some scourge of humanity if I wish to say Happy Holidays and when I do say Merry Christmas, I don’t mean it as a political statement.   

Sure Christmas is great.  I like that we celebrate the birth of Christ, but let’s not get carried away folks.  Let’s not let Fox News ruin it for the rest of us, what with their "War on the Holidays."


Recently the Discovery channel hosted a "contest" to decide who was the most important American – like ever.  I’ll keep it short, *spoiler alert* Ronald Reagan won.  He beat out lots of great Americans, but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?!?!  WHAT!  Are you smoking crack? I tore my hair out in chunks before I realized that the verdict says more about who watches the Whiteychannel than who was the greatest Amercian.

<voice style="comicguy">Best channel demographic research ever.</voice>

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