All a man needs out of life is a place to sit ‘n’ spit in the fire.

A Deist’s Dream

Is it better to come upon a flower and to believe it was created for me, or to see the flower, know its blossom, and rejoice for I was there to see it.


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    Dave E. Fresh

    Definitely more joy the second way, just a little smugness the first way, eh?

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    Definitely. Good to see you, Mr. Fresh (if that is your real name). I just noticed I didn’t even put a friggin’ question mark at the end. Bah. I guess it wasn’t a question, really.

    Hah! Remember that book we wrote together in like 4th grade? We should do that again. But better. A sequel?

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    Dave E. Fresh

    Holy crap! I just thought of that book, like, yesterday! I don’t know about a sequel, though. I think we so thoroughly explored the character of Mr. Van Smythe that there’s nothing left to say.

    I guess if it wasn’t a question, my answer was truly superfluous as well as inane, huh?

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