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Pancakes a la Irene

It’s the lining that’s important, we said, the silver lining, that is.  It is always a struggle to see it, dulled by the swirling mists and clouds and rain.  Oh, and was there rain… 20 inches in one day in some places.  Our electricity went out first, and with it Internet, phone, and then the water.  Power was out for two days and it took a good chunk of the stuff in our refrigerator.  Water came back after three, and Internet and phone after four.

So where is the silver lining, you ask?  Look closely, and you will find it in the pancakes.  That’s right, those pancakes were made with spoiled milk.  Those rich fluffy, cake-y, awesome confections were made with lumpy cheesy milk.  They always turn out super extra special when we use spoiled milk, and with the power outages we suffer weekly, it’s a common occurrence.

So, bring it.  Hit us with your best shot.  We’ll just keep making more pancakes.


  1. Pancakes were my favorite dish when I was young. It was only later when I’d grown up that I learnt that it was considered more of a desert, really, and grown-ups shouldn’t eat so many pancakes..

    We make pancakes sometime in the evening, with curtains drawn.

  2. Should be ‘dessert’, obviously.

  3. Jim O'Malley

    August 28, 2011 at 8:34 AM

    *chuckle* Dessert? I dare say not. Cite your sources. Where did you learn such heresy?

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