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Popcorn Bowl

This Christmas, my nephew and his mommy (my sister-in-law) made me the most awesome gift. Check this out, folks:

That is one fine hand-made high quality popcorn receptacle for the containing and the despensing of delicious salty, buttery popped corn.  The name carefully lettered on the side is to assure destruction to all who dare touch it.

Only the problem was that I couldn’t get it on the plane, so they had to ship to Puerto Rico.  When it finally arrived, we sat down with the kids and said to them that under no circumstances are they to touch the bowl.

This is my pop-corn bowl. No touchie, under pain of death.

Aw, who am I kidding, you should see how the kids react when I make popcorn.

“Daddy,” exclaim the niños, eyes as big as dinner plates, “can we use the ‘Popcorn Bowl’?”  It’s like the highlander of popcorn bowls; there can be only one.

Does it makes the popcorn taste better or something.  After careful consideration (i.e. eating popcorn)  I think it does.  It makes popcorn an experience.

Check out those cool little popcorn kernels painted in there.  Those are the little fingers of my cute little nephew and his mommy.  I am impressed, and it goes to show me that a 4 year old and his mother can outstrip Chinese manufacturing any day.

That is quality “Made in America.”


  1. Sigg3

    You’re right. We should make sure more American children get decent work in factories:)

    On a more serious note, the bowl is awesome!
    And move along bacon crisps and chocolate covered peanuts: popcorn is still a winner.

  2. Jim

    Hehe, yeah, it about time those kids earned their keep. Maybe that’s the secret to America’s economic downturn; put elementary school kids back to work.

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