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Olaia Turns 9

What is she doing turning 9 already?!  I’m traumatized.  The flip side is that she has been and continues to be a lovely little girl.  I guess I’ll just try to enjoy every one of these moments.


I baked her a Rainbow cake.  It’s a tri-colored/flavored cake in with lemon, almond, and vanilla.  The frosting is butter, confectioner’s sugar, with the skin and juice of 2 lemons.  It is so good.

Look at that beautiful cake.  Yum!


The funny thing is that the food coloring does funny things to your, ahem, excrement.  Turns it green, it does.  I can imagine a few surprised parents later in the week.  🙂


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    Hey daddy i think you left out the part were you left asier sleeping at home because you forgot him, so you ended up having to go back and get him.

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    Jim O'Malley

    Yes, I know I left it out. No one was supposed to know 🙂

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