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They Will Burn Your Body Any Time of Day or Night

"Hey, hon.  Does the word cremación mean something different in Spanish than it does in English?"

"Um… no," Laura paused unsure. "No, it means cremation, just like in English."  She seemed puzzled.  What a bizarre topic of conversation.  How does this stuff pop into your head, dear?

"Well, like does cremación mean to burn paper to dispose of items other than bodies?  Could it be document disposal or something?"

"No, you would use incinerar for documents or trash."

I nodded toward the van in front of us.  "Get a load of that, then.  Cremation service 24 hours.  What would someone need with a 24 hour cremation service?"

"Maybe the bodies are piling up in a drug war.  That is bizarre," she agreed.


"Do they come to your door or something, and you just disappear in the night?"



  1. Laura

    What’s next “blood removal experts,”… I can see it in some scary world: We remove the stains while you wait for the cremation.”
    Very unsettling.
    Is there really a rush and demand for 24 hour cremation?

  2. Sigg3

    Reminds me of the Search for the Holy Grail.

    “Bring out your dead!”

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