Well, mostly they are necessary because I consider myself one. With that said, there is some truth to this though.

Where did we get this idea that complaining never helped anything? Where did we get the idea that those who talk ill of the establishment rather than "Be quiet and suck it up" or "Make it work" or "Be a team player" are somehow miscreants and to be shunned?

Did you ever stop to ask yourself how all movements for change begin? Did you ever wonder how a society, organization, or government changes direction?

It starts with the complainers.

It starts with people who won’t be quiet in their discomfort. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a complainer. Thomas Jefferson was a complainer. Abolitionists were complainers. The fourth branch of government, the news media, is a big fat loud whiner. Everybody who has ever resisted the status quo is a whiner and a complainer.

We need whiners and complainers. They save lives.

Let’s not undervalue our complainers and whiners. Without them/us you’d all think you were happy until it was too late.