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How to Win the War in Al Anbar

Chris Penningroth’s Weltanschauung » A Short Memorial to Two Fallen Brothers

Chris has a memorial post up about CPT Travis Patriquin.  I didn’t know the guy, but as I read more of the links and got to his now famous powerpoint presentation, I was blown away.  We need to listen to this guy.  Forget the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations and just look at this dead simple document about what needs to be done.  I don’t doubt that CPT Patriquin understood the subject matter.  As one of perhaps the only fluent Arabic speakers on the ground, his recommendations hit home with the simplicity of a subject perfectly understood.

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  1. Chris

    Thanks, Jim! Travis was one of only a few Arabic speakers in the Ready First Combat Team, and was one great guy!

    I’m trying to make sure once I find out about a trust for his wife and kids, it gets updated at my blog (which I eternally thank you for providing for me!).

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