I’m not gonna let Fox News ruin the holiday season by forcing me to call it all Christmas.  Here in Puerto Rico, Three Kings Day is at least as big as Christmas – so there!  All my life this Holiday Season thing has been a wonderful time.  From Thanksgiving to my birthday on Super Bowl Sunday… it’s all good, and most if it ain’t Christmas.  I love the whole season of cheer, good food, new beginnings, and old friends.


I will say Merry Christmas when I feel like it.  I will not be made to feel like some scourge of humanity if I wish to say Happy Holidays and when I do say Merry Christmas, I don’t mean it as a political statement.   

Sure Christmas is great.  I like that we celebrate the birth of Christ, but let’s not get carried away folks.  Let’s not let Fox News ruin it for the rest of us, what with their "War on the Holidays."