I’m sure it’s happened to you – you’ve found yourself in some bizarre moment where you suddenly have some first hand experience of what it would have been like to live in Green Acres. 

Take this for example.  I was at a church dinner, a social occasion with lots of food and talk and music.   Laura left me with the kids and went to get some finger food for us to snack on while we socialized.  After she left, there came from the night a winged demon, a mighty attacking thing, and not just any thing, a big black thing.  A bit fat tropical beetle landed on the table near one of the older guests, a 55-something older gentleman and his wife.  Without a thought, he reached into our 4 month old’s baby carrier, grabbed his burp-cloth and smashed that beetle.

"Um, what are you doing?  Put that down."  He stared at me dully, and continued to wipe.  "What are you doing?" I raised my voice.  "That’s the baby’s cloth for wiping his mouth."  And I snatched it away and gave him the most evil glare I could.

"But there was a bug," he replied weakly.