I’ve mentioned it
before, touched on it
but not fully developed the details of my relationship with my son’s
excrement. Or rather, let me say, I haven’t delved into fully
illuminating just how much Jaimito’s poopies mean to me. Err, can I
say that again? That didn’t come out right. I’ve thought about this
for a while, not knowing how to approach it, not being able to find
the courage. Thanks to her, I
think I’ve found my voice.

My son’s love for his daddy and his daddy’s love for him as
explained through changing poopie diapers.

Hmm, still sounds wrong. It’s not so much really the poopie,
but rather the poopie as metaphor for being a parent. Wait, don’t
run off, I didn’t mean that either. Geez, you people with no kids
are awfully squeamish. Get a back-bone. No, what I am trying to say
is, the act of changing a diaper, if appreciated properly (all inhale
now – again, kidding), can reveal corn, raisins, spinach…
sorry I can’t help myself. Really, this is hard. There is a reason
that love and caca haven’t been paired together in any romantic
comedies (well, Ben Stiller aside).

Bah, just breathe in this example:

"Daddy, I bring you da diaper an’ da wipes." Jaimito
placed a fresh diaper and a container of wet wipes under my nose and
announced, "Daddy, I caca!"

I am, for the first time, truly impacted by this announcement – and the odor.
After all the diaper changing in his short life, Jaimito
has selected me to be the honored bearer of the royal caca, cleaner
of his little derriere, preferred ass wiper, trusted cleanser of the

Is this how you moms feel all the time? Hey no more kudos for
you… you’ve just been hogging all the fun and pawning it off as
"sacrifice." I know the truth now.

My son prefers me to his mother for poopie changing. Mommy asks,
"Jaimito, do you want me to change your diaper?"

Jaimito responds, "No! Daddy do it!"

"Okay little boy, I’ll do it." I grin, truly warmed and
appreciative of his little needs and that I can fulfill them. I’m
not kidding. I’m not being sarcastic. It’s the greatest feeling in
the world.

Fear not the caca, for it will lead you to a profoundity of love
the likes of which you have never experienced… just follow the
smell, and you shall find it.