Jaimito was such a doll today. What a sweet sweet darling little
child he is. I love spending time with him.

This morning I was preparing breakfast when I cut my thumb while
sharpening a knife. I was rushing because the skillet was hot, and I
wanted to get that chorizo in there quick. Cold chorizo is a pain to cut when the knife isn’t razor sharp.

There’s a famous Spanish proverb:

When your blade is
dull and your chorizo is cold, defeat will follow you wherever you may go.

Or maybe I shouldn’t read Sun Tzu’s, Art of War while drinking. Anyway, feel free to use it as a personal philosophy.

Blood went everywhere. I grabbed a paper towel and proceeded to
apply pressure and hold it over my head. Jaimito looked concerned.
Daddy, what’s happening? Are you okay, he seemed to say?

Drat drat. I was also trying to get Jaimito’s breakfast. He
wasn’t complaining, so I went searching for a band-aid and some super
glue. Super glue makes a nice field expedient suture. I found the
super glue, and was trying to wrest the top off, yield, damn you,
yield! Blood started going everywhere again as I tried to work the
vice-grips on the diminutive glued shut stupid, stupid!! arrgh.
Geez, stupid tube. I tossed it in the trash.

Sigh, I grabbed Jaimito’s plate and served it to him, poured him
some juice. “Daddy, has a boo boo,” I explained. He looked
concerned and a little scared, so I smiled and went to look for
another tube of super glue.

I found it. The bleeding had stopped, and I patched my sliced,
julian thumb. Now, I needed a band-aid. Where are those damn
things?! A-ha. I found them. Scoobie-doo will have to do. Now
Jaimito was getting into it. “Scoopi doo” he informed me,

Later in the day, I asked him if he wanted to kiss my boo boo to
make it feel better. He looked a little apprehensive, so I explained
that kisses make boo boo’s feel better. “Remember when I kissed
your little toes this morning when you stubbed them, little man?”
He stopped and thought for a little bit. I could see the courage and
bashfulness at odds right on his face. He was pondering his next
move. Then he suddenly grabbed my thumb and kissed it. I gave him a
big huge hug and thanked him for his cure and that my thumb felt much
better, thank you. He grinned from ear to ear and buried his face in
my chest, patting my shoulder.