Jaimito, leaned his elbow on the window of his truck. It was
going to be a long day. He was glad he’d gotten up at the crack of
dawn, gathered up his crew and shoved off in the twinkle of new
light. He’d roared out over the road in his shiny yellow dump truck,
loaded with blocks. He had more blocks than he could haul in one
vehicle, so he loaded the excess in a smallish VW beetle, cramming
them in through the windows and hatch until there was room for only
the driver. He had to get the materials to the project site, and
Jaimito was a resourceful fellow. “Can’t be done” was a phrase
not in his vocabulary.

The road in the early morning was twisted and bumpy. He
down-shifted and roared over a rump shaped mound. He smiled and let
out a yip. The morning did that to you, filled you up with so much
optimism that even small victories were cause for celebration. The
way was filled with craggy opportunities for victory, and Jaimito
passed the time pretending that each bump was a great and wondrous
obstacle, fitted especially for him to conquer.

Upon arrival at the work site, Jaimito and his crew set about
unloading the blocks, and staging them strategically. It became
apparent immediately that there was a problem with the grading.
There was a large bump where the plans required a level surface.
This was not going to do.

“We’re going to need to move this earth!” Jaimito exclaimed.
“Let’s get these things out of here.” Large pillow like rocks
were quickly dispatched to lower ground. “Hmm, we still have a
problem with this giant vein of protruding bedrock here,” he said
aloud. Time to get the rock pulverizers.

This was fun work. Crushing rock had to be the best job on the
planet. He imagined he was a large ancient elemental force and with
a whoop and a holler, the rock crumbled before his hydraulics and explosives. Where
others saw obstacles, Jaimito saw opportunities, and where there was
drudgery, Jaimito made fun. Perhaps it was no coincidence that his
crew was the most productive, the most motivated.

“Okay, men,” he exclaimed. “We’re all through, go ahead and
leave the vehicles and material where they are. We’ll get an early
start tomorrow.” And with that they headed home leaving the shiny
yellow dump truck, and the yellow VW Beetle and the blocks behind in
the cleared area where he had dispatched the giant rock.