I haven’t seen such an inundation of rain in a long time. The downpour was so intense that streets had turned into rivers. I arrived home from picking up Javier and Asier at school.
“Hey, you guys want to jump around in the rain?”

They looked at me their eyes growing wide. “Really!?” they exclaimed.

“Yes, go put on your bathing suits. Let’s run around in the back yard.”

They scampered off opening up drawers, tossing toys aside in a desperate attempt to find their trunks.

“Last one outside is a rotten egg,” I said. “Hey Javier, it’s gonna be cold, are you sure you’re ready?”

“Oh yes.”

And out we went into the pouring rain, the drops as big as dimes, and visibility a mere hundred meters or so.

“Daddy, it’s cold, but this is awesome.” And they slipped and slid and rolled around on the terrace, running back and forth and jumping around.

We all felt like little kids.