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Unbreakable Joy

Laura and I were in a perfume store looking for a nice uni-sex perfume.   We have always liked CK One ever since it came out nearly twenty years ago, and recently Calvin Klein has expanded the “One” line to include some other scents.  Laura and I were trying them out and were thus far non-plussed.  I turned to the sales person, “Do you have any other uni-sex perfumes?”

“Here, try this one.”  She took out a red bottle.  Unbreakable Joy.

“Ooo, Unbreakable Joy.  I need that in my life.  Give me more of that.”  We spritzed it on a couple of paper strips.  It smelled nice, we agreed.

The saleswoman hesitated, and mumbled, “It’s from the reality show people – you know…”

We paused, not understanding her hushed tone and downward glance.

“You know,” she paused, “the Kardashians.” And she left it hanging in the air as we nodded in understanding.

Still, I liked the scent, and the name on the bottle just wasn’t a concern to me.  “Whatever – it’ll be our opportunity to not take ourselves too seriously.  Unbreakable joy and a reminder to not be so serious… we’ll take it.”

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  1. Sigg3

    What’s the Kardashians? Smelly people?

    Unbreakably Joyful New Year!

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