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Bring Me Fishsticks!

I had a weird dream last week, one which my family took great interest and amusement in fulfilling.

In this dream, we are sitting at home discussing what we are going to have for dinner.  At some point, I suggest fishsticks, that I’ve been craving these breaded codfish fillets that are oh so good.  That sounded good, everyone agreed.  Now, to the task at hand.  The Egyptian mummy/pharaoh/sorcerer was close to getting an amulet of ultimate power and it was up to us to stop him.  If he got it, he would control the world and we would be doomed.

I don’t know how it happened, but in the course of our battle with this figure, I ended up with the amulet.  The throngs of people turned to me and asked me what my bidding was.

“Fishsticks,” I replied.  “Bring me fishsticks.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to command us to do something more world-dominatingly?” they asked, their confusion mounting.

“Did you hear me, slave?  Bring me fishsticks!”

And I woke up.  It seemed so real, the breaded codfish still lingering in the air.  Everybody got a chuckle at my retelling.

Friday evening, Jaimito came to me with a plate.  “Daddy, we bring you fishsticks,” he said with a little bow.

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  1. IMHOTEP…. IMHOTEP…. Fishsticks!

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