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Did the Whole World Suddenly Stop Blogging?

Kinda seems that way, doesn’t it, that the whole world stopped blogging all at once.  I got off track and then busy, then one week became two, became a month, then two, then… sheesh.  Will I ever post here again?  Will I ever want to post again?  It’s weird, because a good fifty percent of the blogs I regularly read have stopped cold too.  It’s like the the world breathed some sort of collective “meh” about blogging.  I’m still trying to figure out why I don’t have anything to say, but while I ponder it, my fellow bloggers can suck it.

I posted.  I’m still here.


  1. Sigg3

    Who exactly do you refer to?

    A lot of people I know/knew that used to blog but stopped just grew out of it. Personally, I’m too much of an exhibitionist. But I also procrastinate.

    Can’t wait until I can pre-write articles when I’m feeling like it (this “feature” entered the scene with WordPress and doesn’t exist for b2).

  2. Jim O'Malley

    Hehe, not you. You’re the one steady sure-footed blogging horse.

    Also, I’m going to use: “…too much of an exhibitionist. But I also procrastinate.” I pictured two Olympian heroes engaged in pitched battle, one an exhibitionist, the other a procrastinator. Who will win? Let us watch and see.

  3. Sigg3

    When I was younger, I thought procrastination had something to do with the ability to make children. I simply couldn’t understand why people went around talking about how they were “castrated” personality types.

    My bet’s on the exhibitionist.

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