I’m posting this conversation that Laura and I had over IM after my "You Are Not the Sum Total of Your Accomplishments" post.  I wouldn’t normally post things like this, but I found it an interesting window into our relationship.   Bear in mind that my explanation of the p­ost is really me figuring out why I wrote it.

­(8/20/08 4:03 PM) Laura: nice post

(8/20/08 4:04 PM) Laura: you went a bit all over the place… so I had my doubts, it gets confusing… You are not your job, but you made a man reconsider his job and feel loved.

(8/20/08 4:04 PM) Jim: thanks, I think

(8/20/08 4:04 PM) Laura: Did he feel loved because you helped him reevaluate his job…then does that go against the message

(8/20/08 4:05 PM) Laura: I am still chewing on this.

(8/20/08 4:05 PM) Laura: not sure it is clear in your post

(8/20/08 4:05 PM) Laura: hmmm

(8/20/08 4:06 PM) Jim: your job isn’t what you are

(8/20/08 4:07 PM) Jim: but HOW you do your job, maybe

(8/20/08 4:07 PM) Jim: it’s realizing that ALL jobs are service

(8/20/08 4:07 PM) Laura: ahhh ok… because HOW you do your job helps you serve others

(8/20/08 4:07 PM) Jim: and it is in service that we touch the divine

(8/20/08 4:07 PM) Laura: yes I liked that part… that sentiment was unique

(8/20/08 4:07 PM) Jim: so it’s a question of thinking your job is the TITLE, when in fact it is how you serve

(8/20/08 4:07 PM) Laura: It is rarely said… In service we touch the divine

(8/20/08 4:08 PM) Jim: that way we can appreciate sweeping floors AND being a doctor

(8/20/08 4:08 PM) Laura: yes I think you need to somewhere in there… reinforce that people get down when they focus on their job, the tasks the title, the indignities.

(8/20/08 4:08 PM) Jim: but too many people think being a doctor is the M.D. rather than healing people serving people

(8/20/08 4:09 PM) Laura: They should rather take strength and base their dignity on HOW they do their job, on their service to others… because in serving others we touch the divine

(8/20/08 4:09 PM) Laura: ok got it,

(8/20/08 4:10 PM) Laura: very cool and unique. Like I said I think the posts has this and loses it… but ends with a bang

(8/20/08 4:10 PM) Jim: you know I write these things by the seat of my pants, right?

(8/20/08 4:10 PM) Laura: yes that is why I am giving you feedback

…And therein lies the reason for of our 14 years together 🙂