I was building a rack mount pizza box server (1-U), and I needed some mounting screws for the fans. "Javier, want to go the store with Daddy?"

"Oh!!!! I get my shoes." And off he ran to get his shoes. "Oh Daddy, we go the the store. Yeay! Here are my shoes, Daddy. Here are my Diego shoes."

"All right, little man, let’s go." I strapped on his little sandals and opened the front gate to our house. He bounded out, dancing down the sidewalk towards the Chevy Lumina. He stopped, paused.

"Daddy, we go in da You-mama?" That was the first time he had called the car by its model. You-mama. I was so tickled, I busted up laughing at the cute sound of You-mama. He thought he had said something funny, so he repeated it and smiled. "Da You-mama!"

And off we went. "Daddy, we go the bike store?" I usually take him with me to the bike store and he tries out all the little bikes.

"No, Javier, not this time, we’re going to the hardware store to buy screws. Tornillos. Can you say that? Tornillos."

"nee-yoes," he repeated carefully.

"Screws – tornillos." I said again.

"Scqews – nee-yoes," Javier said with a grin.

"Yeah, we’re going to get some screws for the computer, not the bicycle."

"Not the bicycle? Oh."

"Hey Javier? Say Lumina."