Little Mr. Javier Ignacio is talking up a storm, so I’ll take a moment to capture the specifics.

Meemo = Jaimito. There is a love hate/relationship here. Javier doesn’t want to spend more than five seconds out of the light of his bigger brother. Yet he’s always crying and yelling about something. His attempts to bully his bigger brother sometimes don’t turn out the way he desires.  He desires control.  He must control his bigger brother in every way.  He comes to me crying in frustration, "’Meemo! ‘Meemo!"

"What little boy? What did ‘Meemo do?"

"’Meemo… ‘Meemo – hit me."

"’Meemo, hit you?"


"Jaimito, did you hit Javier?" But before Jaimito can answer, Javier is off to torment him some more. I see what’s going on here, Javier, jumping and pulling and crashing into his older brother, and when it gets too rough, he comes wailing to me.