The other day, Gil Schmidt, summed up something I think I’ve trying to say for the past few years. I say "trying" because I’ve been clubbing the damned thing for so long, I don’t even know what it looks like any more. Gil’s come along and said to me, "You know that thing you’ve been bashing, that you forgot what it was? Well – it’s this." And he laid it bare to me again. I now know what my prey looks like, and my hunger induced insanity melts away to reveal new resolve.

Gil The Jenius: Education For Us

The global economy of this century is not a preserver of status quos; in truth, it destroys them with chaotic speed. A nation educated to bow to stasis, to "follow the lunkhead" misery is not now nor ever will be a true global economic player. But a nation is not an entity: it is a collection of individuals united by common characteristics and sharing, often unconsciously, common vision and goals. To develop the nation, develop the individual. To develop the individual…well, that’s Our job.

It’s funny, but I never knew how the masses could be inspired to revolt in Latin America. What could someone write or speak that would bring new focused clarity to their plight? I just didn’t see it. Maybe now I’m starting to get an inkling.