Just been stupid busy.  Why is it that nobody wants anything
for weeks, then all of a sudden they all want it now, right now! 
Right friggin’ now!

Here’s a funny incident.  I’m American
right?  I’m not from Puerto Rico, right?  I was not born
here, nor am I culturally Puerto Rican, right? I’m a friggin’ big
honking gringo, as big and whitey white as white can can be, like a giant white
whale, like Uncle Ben’s long grain, the kind of guy that would never get picked for police
undercover work, the kind of guy who – true story – got mistaken for
undercover security for the Resident Commissioner in Washington D.C.,
Luis Fortuño.  I’m as big and conspicuous and as gringo as they come.

Well, with all that said, why is it that I keep having to translate for people here?  I end up translating from Spanish
that doesn’t make any sense into Spanish that passes as language, with nice specifics, with nice timelines, and precision.  I’m not the only one that says this.  Laura always
gets a giggle out of it. 

"Who’d have thought, that they’d need an American to translate for them?"  she mused, after I got off the phone with a client and his subcontractor.  I talked to the sub to explain what the client wanted.  I talked to the client to clarify what the sub didn’t understand – yeah, stuff like that.

wonder if they don’t just play dumb because they don’t want to do the
work, but when a member of the High Command of Colonial Overlords is
there they shape up because of vergüenza."

I dunno.  Maybe they think I’ll pull out my sidearm and shoot the place up a bit.

We white people are crazy that way. *eye twitches*