O’Malley Gorbea Family Augments by One the Quantity of Auto-Toilet Using Members to its Ranks

In San Juan Puerto Rico, on the 7th of June, 2005, James Aloysius O’Malley V, successfully urinated into his toilet, exclaiming, "I did it! I did it!"  His cries of success were followed by a tribal dance and much feasting and celebration.

At first, the O’Malley Gorbea family expected Jaimito’s sudden self-sufficiency to be marked by a period of "accidents"  but a week later, it seems that Jaimito’s conversion was total, complete, and successful.

"It was just spectacular," said father,  James Aloysius O’Malley IV, "My progeny, peeing and pooping by himself – I’m just so thrilled.  We here at Familia O’Malley Gorbea, always knew it was possible, but this project exceeded our expectations by a long shot.  I’d just like to thank all the project managers and team leaders for a job well done."

We have diminished by one, the quantity of members wearing diapers thereby increasing family productivity, use of resources, and net worth.  Jaimito will furthermore dress in only Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman UnderoosTM.

Familia O’Malley Gorbea is a fully incorporated company dedicated to the creation of productive and dynamic world citizens.

 – END –